A Different Adventure Every Day!

About Us



This is a camp for boys and girls ages 9-15.  Our campers stop attending after freshman year in high school or when they turn 16. Kids aged 9-11 may join as Surf and Turf Juniors!



Edgemont School in the same named park in Montclair, NJ is our starting point every day. Counsellors arrive at 8:00 AM every morning and we start to enter the bus at 8:45. We head out on a different adventure, from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to as far as Canada and California! We are a day camp as well as overnight. 



We hike, bike, swim, tour, and boat everywhere at an adventurous speed. We are guided by the best teachers found in Montclair! They are experienced and have already guided thousands of kids this age. Many have won awards as creative teachers. We have certified lifeguards, EMT's, and First Aid Trained leaders. 

2020 Schedule

Week 1: Every Heart Beats True Week- June 29-July 3 , 2020 ($450) Kids from Spain Visit!


Independence Week- Slices of Americana



Week 2A and 2B: Beach Weeks-July 6-10, 2020 ($425)


Week 2A: Lotions and Towels and Burns, Oh My! (Beach Week intended for ages 11-15)

Week 2B: Wet Behind the Ears Week (Beach Week intended for ages 9-12)

​​​Week 3: Minne Ha Ha Week: Lake George - July 13-17, 2020 ($575)



Lake George- 2 Night Overnight

Wed./Thurs. into Friday. 

Activities surrounding and on Lake George. 

Week 4A: The Suspense is Killing Me; I hope It'll last! Week-July 20-24, 2020 ($500)



Week 4B: I Juan It Now Week! Seattle and the San Juan Islands (Orcas)- July 19-25, 2020 ($1700)


 Overnights all week- Breakfast and dinner included.  

Week 5: Live free or Die Trying Week! New Hampshire-July 27-31, 2020 ($600)


Overnights all week- Breakfast and dinner included.