Week 5: Kitsch a Ride to the South of the Border Week $675


JULY 29- August 2 : 8:00 AM- Entire Week OVERNIGHT


JULY 29-          TIME: 8:00 AM- OVERNIGHT

​​​Destination:   North Richmond KOA

8:00 AM- Arrival at Edgemont. Sign in. Bring in all forms and luggage. 

8:30 AM- Leave and head towards Virginia. Havre de Grace stop. Continue until Silver Spring and a lunch stop. 

Noon- Lunch Stop.

1 PM- Great Falls Park and Hike.   3 PM- Head out to KOA. 

5 PM- Unpack and find cabins. Get ready for Overnight.   6 PM- Dinner in Richmond. 

9 PM- Sleep at KOA. 

JULY 30-       8:00 AM- Wake Up! Breakfast. 

​​​Destination: South of the Border, South Carolina. 

8:30 AM- Head to South Carolina. 

​11:00 AM- Stop in Durham, N. Carolina. Get Lunch.

12:30 PM- Head to South of the Border.  3 PM- Arrive. Ride on one of the amusements.

6 PM- Pick your choice for dinner!        8 PM- The Sombrero Tower and sleep after. 

​JULY 31-    8:00 AM- Wake Up! Breakfast. 

Destination:  Myrtle Beach   

9:00 AM- Head to Myrtle Beach KOA.     10:30 AM- Check into cabins. 

11:30 AM-  Head to the beach and boardwalk. Eat on the boardwalk. 

4 PM- ​Check out surrounding areas. North Myrtle Beach and amusements. 

6 PM- Dinner in North Myrtle Beach. Head back to KOA. 

​AUGUST 1-    8:00 AM- Wake Up! Breakfast. 

​11:00 AM- Kure Beach Stop and Lunch. 

1- 6 PM- Head North with a few stops. Dinner in Richmond.


AUGUST 2-  8 AM- Wake up, have breakfast and head to Baltimore Inner Harbor! 

11:00- 2PM- Inner Harbor, Baltimore!

6 PM-  Montclair, NJ. 

  **Rain may cancel destination- we will still go somewhere fun (overnight can be cancelled). Any destination could change! There may be more Possible Stops or none depending on time- Safety is always top concern! Check Facebook for actual arrival time- traffic can change all plans. We are extremely spontaneous- call child or camp with questions.   

South of the Border, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach

River Falls Park