Week 4B: I Juan It Now: Seattle/ San Juan islands $1900

Week 4B: July 19-25 Seattle- What to Expect!

We will take a plane to Seattle and Orcas Island for a week. It will be six nights and seven days away. We will enhance the schedule as the year progresses. 

What to Bring?

We will mail you a proper packing list and meet before the actual trip to go over details. 

Bring your normal Surf and Turf Supplies:

- Backpack with Water Bottle to Refill. 

- Umbrella and/or Rain Poncho.

- Bathing Suit/ Lotion/ Mosquito and Tick Spray.

- Hiking Shoes/ Sneakers/ Dry Clothes. 

- Snacks. 


Breakfast and dinner are included. We allow you to choose your own lunch. Bring a small amount ($10-15 per day). Souvenirs are your choice. 

Youth Hostels and Chaperones

We have a male and female chaperone supervising male and female dorms (usually 2-6 per room). We also have an EMT for possible medical attention. This will be a small group of about 15. 

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July 19 Sunday

We arrive at noon on Sunday in Seattle. It is a direct flight leaving Newark Airport at 9:00 AM

We will stay at HI Seattle Youth Hostel. 

2:00 PM- Light Rail to our hostel. Arrive and unpack our bags. All tours are pedestrian and do not involve a bus. 

July 20 Monday

8:00 AM- Wake up and eat breakfast. 

 Discover Seattle Tour: 

- Pike Place Market 

- Seattle Center

- Lunch in the center. 

1:00 PM- Museum of Pop Culture- Visitation

- Possible trip to Bainbridge later in the day. 

July 21 Tuesday

8:00 AM- Breakfast.  

Leave to take the Ferry:

- Light Rail to the airport with our baggage. Shuttle to Anacortes/ Ferry to Orcas Island. 

- Pick up our van at the ferry terminal. Stay at Golden Tree Youth Hostel (Noon)

- Unpack. Explore Grounds.

- Explore North Beach Area. 

July 22 Wednesday

8:00 AM- Breakfast

10:00 AM- Visit Moran State Park. 

- Mt. Constitution. Lunch. 

- Cascade Lake and Falls. 

3:00 PM- Obstruction Pass State Park. 

July 23 Thursday

8:00 AM- Breakfast. 

10:00 AM- Explore the Hostel's town and North Beach.

- Kayak Trip. 

6:00- Dinner together in Eastsound. Shop at stores. 

July 24 Friday and July 25 Saturday

Return Ferry to Seattle. We will stay in Seattle one more day before we leave to Newark, NJ at 3:55 PM. Arrival in Newark Airport is at 11:30 PM Saturday night.