Week 4: Let's Coddiwomple! (Paintball/Rafting) SOLD OUT


July 22 Monday: 8:45 AM - 5:30 PM --- Breakneck Ridge, Cold Spring, NY

Destination:   Breakneck Ridge Hike

Lunch:  Pack a sandwich or buy in town after the hike. May buy at Lake Canopus. 

​Possible Destinations: Lake Canopus Swim. Cold Spring, NY

Bring: ​Bathing Suit, Water, Dry Clothes, Rain Poncho, Sun Tan Lotion, $10 or sandwich. 

JULY 23 Tuesday: 7:30 AM- 6:30 PM ---- Kismet, Fire Island, NY (Come ion Bathing suit or under clothes)


​​​Destination:   Walk to Kismet and Saltaire, NY- BIKES AVAILABLE FOR USE on the island! 


Lunch:  Pizza Shack and Surf's Out

​Possible Destinations:  In Bike Groups or on foot, explore the towns; swim at Kismet Beach. 

Bring: ​Bathing Suit (under clothes) , Water, Dry Clothes, Rain Poncho, Sun Tan Lotion, Tic Spray $15 or sandwich packed. 

JULY 24 Wednesday 8:30- Overnight ---- Paintball and Rafting Trip/ Camping Overnight!




July 24: SKIRMISH Paintball Games @ Jim Thorpe, PA /  Watkins Glenn Campground 

AM: Leave at 8:30 AM
Lunch:  Jim Thorpe, PA- Stop and buy sandwich if needed. BBQ at SKIRMISH Center. 

BREAKFAST and DINNER is provided for both days! Bring money for lunch, but we will be active during lunch time both days. 

Possible Destinations:  Jim Thorpe/ Most of the day at SKIRMISH and Watkins Glenn
Bring: ​We will mail a packing list! 

July 25 - Thursday- RAFTING (or Tubing) all day with SKIRMISH Outfitter.

8:00 AM- Wake-Up and Breakfast     9:00 AM- Return to SKIRMISH Center to Raft for the day.  10:00 AM- 3 PM- Rafting all day with lunch. Afterward, we will head back to Montclair, NJ    5- 6 PM- Arrival Back!

July 25 Thursday 7:00 AM- 6:00 PM----- Wake up at campground and RAFT all day!

July 26 Friday 8:45 AM- 5PM--- Lake Minnewaska

Destination:  The Gunks and Millbrook Mountain

Lunch:  Pack a lunch. Eat at the top of the mountain. New Paltz. 

Possible Destinations:  Lake Minnewaska Beach.

 **Rain may cancel destination- we will still go somewhere fun (overnight can be cancelled). Any destination could change! There may be more Possible Stops or none depending on time- Safety is always top concern! Check Facebook for actual arrival time- traffic can change all plans. We are extremely spontaneous- call child or camp with questions.  

Skirmish Paintball

Jim Thorpe Rafting