A Different Adventure Every Day!

Week 3B: Skitchin' to Brooklyn $525


July 15, Monday: Marine Park & the Coney Island Cyclone!

Lunch:  Pack a lunch or eat at the Boardwalk in Coney Island. Nathans or Tom's Restaurant. 

Possible Destinations: 

AM-Salt Marsh Nature Center Kayak in Wetlands, trails through park, and Floyd Bennett Field. Canoes and Kayaks available at leisure. 

PM- Coney Island and The Cyclone! Free ride!

July 16, Tuesday: Prospect Park and Industry City

Lunch: Pack a lunch or buy at Industry City ($10)

Possible Destinations: The Ravine, The Carousel, and Industry City's Game Room. 

July 17, Wednesday: The cliffs Indoor Climbing and The Dekalb Market

Lunch:  Dekalb Market in City Point Shopping Center, Brooklyn. Bring a lunch and eat at a table or buy: 

a. Andrew's Hamburgers ($6-8)  b. Arepa lady Arepas ($6-9)   c. Dekalb Taco ($3.75- 5)

d. Crepes ($9-10)    e. Forcella Pizza Pies to share   f. Fletcher's Ribs and wings ($7)

Possible Destinations: 

AM: The Cliffs from 10:30- Noon. 

PM: Gantry Plaza (Pepsi Cola Sign), Bushwick Collective (Graffiti Art and Murals), and The Dekalb Market 

July 18, New York Aquarium and Brighton Beach

Lunch:  May pack a lunch and eat at the beach or check out Riegelmann Boardwalk (Paul's Daughter) or Brighton Bazaar- Buy a sandwich or snack ($10)

Possible Destinations:  AM: 10:30- 1:00 PM: Aquarium   PM: 1-3 PM Brighton Beach and walk to Brighton Bazaar down Coney Island Ave. 

July 19, Friday: Rockaway Beach and Jamaica Bay

Lunch: Pack a lunch or buy at Rippers and the Boardwalk ($10)

Possible Destinations: 

PM: Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge! 

   **Rain may cancel destination- we will still go somewhere fun (overnight can be cancelled). Any destination could change! There may be more Possible Stops or none depending on time- Safety is always top concern! Check Facebook for actual arrival time- traffic can change all plans. We are extremely spontaneous- call child or camp with questions.    

The Cyclone

"The Cliffs"

Restoration of the Aquarium

We will kayak in this preserved area!

Industry City- Eating in Brooklyn

Dekalb Market

Check out this great video