Week 2A: Lotions and Towels and Burns- Oh My! $475

Week 2A: July 6-10 What to expect!

Drop-off at Edgemont School 8:45 AM every day! Pick up varies. Must check our Facebook and Instagram or have camper call you!

This week specializes in Beach Activities!

What to Bring?

Pack a lunch. If not, bring cash and buy something along the way. Tuesday and Thursday has FREE ice cream!

- Bathing suit and towel.

- Water in a bottle to be re-filled. 

- Sunscreen & Tick spray

- Dry clothes/ Rain Poncho or Umbrella. 


Monday, July 6 Destination: Barnegat Light House and Beach

  Drop Off 8:45 AM  Possible Arrival 5:30-6 PM  

- Barnegat Light House Beach Swim

- Walk to Diner or Dairy Queen and Bay

- Possible Light House Visit

Tuesday, July 7 Destination: Lavalette Beach NJ

Drop Off 8:45 AM  Possible Arrival 5:30- 6:00 PM

- Lavalette Beach

- The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe

Wednesday, July 8 Destination: Jones Beach, NY

Drop Off 8:45 AM   Possible Arrival 6:15 PM 

- Jones Beach Swim and Boardwalk

- Gilgo Beach Inn (food). 

Thursday, July 9 Destination: Ocean Grove, NJ

Drop Off 8:45 AM Possible Arrival 5:30 PM

- Ocean Grove Swim

- Day's Ice Cream 

Friday, July 10 : Bike to Manasquan - BRING YOUR BIKES

Drop Off 8:00 PM TODAY- LOAD BIKES. Possible Arrival 5:30- 6 PM 

- Start at Allaire State Park.

- Bike 7 Miles to Manasquan Town. Walk to Beach

- Manasquan Swim and Eat Lunch. 

Please Note:

 **Rain may cancel destination- we will still go somewhere fun (overnight can be cancelled). Any destination could change! There may be more Possible Stops or none depending on time- Safety is always top concern! Check Facebook for actual arrival time- traffic can change all plans. We are extremely spontaneous- call child or camp with questions.  

Singing Ice Cream Shoppe